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LAHH has adopted the (OS1) cleaning method for contract janitorial services in office buildings. (OS1) is a green, simplified, standardized cleaning process, which recognizes that there are tremendous benefits from cleaning for people who spend more than 90% of their life in a built environment. We offer professional care for office buildings, public buildings, schools, community centers, medical facilities and warehouses. Our janitorial work force has the experience to meet the specific needs of small, medium and large clients. 


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About (OS1) 

(OS1) The Number One Cleaning Operation System in the World.

(OS1) is a cleaning system developed by John P. Walker, founder of Salt Lake City based ManageMen, a cleaning consulting firm. (OS1) uses nontoxic chemicals that aren’t harmful to aquatic life and release a minimum of volatile organic compounds. (OS1) seeks to minimize the use of throw-away products and uses products that come in recyclable or biodegradable packaging. The (OS1) System adopted by Los Angeles Habilitation House is a comprehensive training, work loading and scheduling system that reduce cleaning costs while increasing efficiency, cleaning levels and morale. The secret is keeping the job of cleaning simple, giving our employees the right tools and chemicals. They also work with on-board cards for reference to cleaning work flow and job cards which detail special items for different tenants. The process is just better and eliminates most mistakes. Furthermore, this process helps in developing the skills of our employees challenged by their mental and physical disabilities.


Green Cleaning in (OS1)

In the (OS1) process cleaning green means: - Using nontoxic chemicals that are not harmful to aquatic life and release a minimum of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can sometimes lead to skin and respiratory problems. - Using products which come in recyclable or biodegradable packaging - Seeking to minimize the use of throw-away products (use of a microfiber cloth instead of paper towel when dusting) - Using fewer toxic chemicals. This benefits worker health and, consequently, employee performances (INFORM INC. studies show that an increase in worker performance of .5 to 5 percent can be garnered by improving indoor air quality thru better ventilation and using nontoxic cleaning chemicals.) Example of green equipment and chemicals used in the (OS1) cleaning process: - Back pack vacuum with four chamber filtering process - Floor polishing that eliminates the need to strip the wax build-up from floors with harsh chemicals - Green Seal certified (GS-37) PortionPac in small pre-measured and pre-packaged doses that enable us to train, track, and dispose of all hazardous chemicals properly. - Training program to learn environmentally safe cleaning practices