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Welcome to Los Angeles Habilitation House

Offering employment and career opportunities to persons with disabilities is our commitment at Los Angeles Habilitation House Inc. LAHH delivers contracted services in the janitorial and light duty industry, allowing our employees to choose from a menu of employment services and career development.

Our Mission

Creating and maintaining job opportunities for persons with disabilities that will help them to develop, express, and apply their talents and maximize their contribution to the community and society at large. In the future, we will provide support services for senior citizens.

Ronta F.
Ronta F.

For Ronta, the Con 100 course offers the opportunity to start again. He hopes to recover the satisfaction of working in a team as he had before his injuries: "I felt a window of opportunity and hope fly by, I felt I had to grab it. People do not get opportunities such as this every day and I am feeling very grateful to Nancy and Guido for having given me this opportunity. The hunger is in me and I have to stay hungry for this because this is what I need to be stable not only for myself but for my family, that depends on me. For so many years, I have been part of team-work and being a team player. I feel I am ready and willing to get started once again. I have the drive in me thanks to you people for putting it in front of my face and challenging me.” - Ronta F. U.S. Army, Operation Iraqi Freedom

-- Ronta F. U.S. Army, Operation Iraqi Freedom

LAHH Torrance Crew
LAHH Torrance Crew 2009

"When I interviewed for the position I now hold with LAHH" - says Cris H. "I expected that I was walking into "just another job. On the first day of Boot Camp I realized I had found an opportunity that was golden. The training was delivered with a level of detail that ensured there was no confusion or miss-understanding about what it was I had to do. The training and methodology behind the OS1 system is such that it makes working as a janitor an enjoyable experience. When I began working with the team at the HRC in Torrance I realized that being here with LAHH was far more than just a job. It has proven to be exactly what a veteran facing so many challenges needed".

- Cris Hartsock, LAHH Alumni

Theresa and Nancy
Theresa and Nancy

"The fact that LAHH uses the word 'house' in their vision statement sums up the nurturing, compassionate and often contagious warmth that you feel when you meet Nancy and Guido. You feel a sense of 'family' that often many individuals with disabilities long for, the sense of belonging to a family. The LAHH not only becomes a place for them to work, it also becomes a ‘home’."
- Theresa May de Vera, Commissioner,
Commission on Disability, City of Los Angeles